I Am Ori Baram,

I am searching for my next job as a front-end developer

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What Sets Me Apart

I have one year of experience as a front-end developer at Kemtai,
I am hardworking and dedicated, eager to learn and develop, looking for my foothold in the world of programming

Constantly learning

In the last year I took advantage of the time I had to learn and develop and took over 10 courses in programming, development and graphic design

Constantly developing

In the past year I have built over 40 projects as part of my learning process. HTML & CSS projects, JavaScript projects, React projects, Fullstack projects and No-Code projects

self disciplined

In the last year I have studied on my own without an orderly framework of an educational institution and I have been able to set myself a strict agenda of studies and work on projects

My Top Projects

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Here Are Some of My Projects

A screen I built with React, TypeScript, Sass MobX & HTML Canvas 2D while working at Kemtai

Other Projects


MERN Stack Project


Shopping cart, Product reviews, Top products carousel, Pagination, Product search, User profile with orders, Admin product, user & orders management, Mark orders as delivered option, Checkout process, PayPal / credit card integration


HTML CSS Grid Project


News Site Template - No Libraries. Responsive

Color generator

React.js Project

Color Generator

Color generator with color picker


Bubble.io - No Code Project


Commercial Web App For Evaluating Companies Traded On The Stock Exchange