I Am Ori Baram,

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What Sets Me Apart

I have one year of experience as a front-end developer at Kemtai,
I write UI code with pixel perfect precision, I have a lot of passion for UI/UX and a good eye for details.

Constantly learning

In my last job, whenever I encountered a new technology or dealt with issues I didn't encounter before, I managed to learn by myself very fast, and to come up with effective solutions and delivered my assignments on time.

Constantly developing

In my last job I built numerous new pages, components, and new large scale features. The coding languages and technologies I feel comfortable with are: JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Sass, ReactJS, TypeScript, Redux, MobX, Bootstrap, Material UI, Styled Components, Fluter and more.

self disciplined

In my last job I delivered numerous new features, and kept up with all the assignments due dates. I managed to tackle many of them by myself thanks to my self discipline and my good learning habits.

My Top Projects

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Here Are Some of My Projects

A screen I built with React, TypeScript, Sass, MobX & HTML Canvas 2D while working at Kemtai

Other Projects


MERN Stack Project


Shopping cart, Product reviews, Top products carousel, Pagination, Product search, User profile with orders, Admin product, user & orders management & more. Technologies Used In The Project: React, Bootswatch, Redux, Node.js, Mongo DB, Mongoose, Express, Bcrypt, JWT & more

Dev Home

MERN Stack Project

Dev Home

A Social Network For Developers That Includes Authentication, Profiles And Forum Posts. Technologies Used In The Project: React, Redux, Node.js, Mongo DB, Mongoose, Express, Bcrypt, JWT & more.


HTML CSS Grid Project


News Site Template - No Libraries. Responsive


Bubble.io - No Code Project


Commercial Web App For Evaluating Companies Traded On The Stock Exchange

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