I Am Ori Baram,

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JavaScript Under the Hood: Mastering the Inner Workings
Best Practices and Design Patterns in React.js for High-Quality Applications
Setting up a MERN Stack Project: A Comprehensive Cheat Sheet
JavaScript under the hood
introduction to backend
introduction to nodejs
algorithm strategies
first job

What Sets Me Apart

As a full-stack bootcamp instructor at Appleseeds and former front-end developer at Kemtai,
I am passionate about learning, teaching, and mentoring others. My expertise in UI/UX design is backed by a meticulous approach to writing pixel-perfect code and an unrelenting attention to detail. With my deep understanding of the intricacies of modern web development, I am equipped to guide aspiring developers on their journey to mastering the art of creating beautiful and functional Full-Stack applications.

Constantly learning

Constantly learning new languages and tech is vital. I thrive on evolving tech, staying current with design patterns and best practices to create efficient and robust applications that meet clients' needs.

Tech-Savvy Developer

I'm proficient in a wide range of coding languages and technologies including JavaScript, HTML, CSS, ReactJS, TypeScript, and many others. My passion for staying up-to-date with the latest trends in technology allows me to create high-quality software that exceeds clients' expectations.

self disciplined

My strong self-discipline and learning habits enable me to effectively manage tasks and meet deadlines. I am confident in my ability to tackle complex assignments independently and consistently exceed expectations.

My Top Projects

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Here Are Some of My Projects

A screen I built with React, TypeScript, Sass, MobX & HTML Canvas 2D while working at Kemtai

Other Projects


MERN Stack Project


Shopping cart, Product reviews, Top products carousel, Pagination, Product search, User profile with orders, Admin product, user & orders management & more. Technologies Used In The Project: React, Bootswatch, Redux, Node.js, Mongo DB, Mongoose, Express, Bcrypt, JWT & more

Dev Home

MERN Stack Project

Dev Home

A Social Network For Developers That Includes Authentication, Profiles And Forum Posts. Technologies Used In The Project: React, Redux, Node.js, Mongo DB, Mongoose, Express, Bcrypt, JWT & more.


HTML CSS Grid Project


News Site Template - No Libraries. Responsive


Bubble.io - No Code Project


Commercial Web App For Evaluating Companies Traded On The Stock Exchange

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